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As a lead instructional designer with iDesign, I currently oversee the development of 26 courses for the University of New England’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions. These courses are designed to fill missing credentials for professionals in early to mid-career transition who are looking to gain further certifications or post-secondary degrees. Previously, the university had limited or outdated online course offerings and wanted to rebuild each course from the ground up. They are looking to strengthen their program with increased evidence of active learning and competency-based education. In particular, their goals are minimalist, flexible course designs that are transferable to a variety of learning management systems.

My Roles

Project Manager: I lead a team of 6 instructional designers and technologists, collaborating with partner stakeholders and a cadre of 10+ subject matter experts.

Instructional Designer: While managing the overall project, I also design individual courses. I develop and align course outcomes based on professional standards; curate instructional materials; and design activities to achieve those outcomes.

Writer: I storyboard, script, and copyedit content for each learning module.

Quality Reviewer: At key stages for every course, I assess the design and development process, confer with my team, and suggest revisions based on OSCQR best-practices.

Learning Objectives alignment page
Developing Learning Objectives

Through a process of backwards design, I develop the intended learning objectives or outcomes first. This usually involves significant collaboration with appropriate subject matter experts, detailed mapping and analysis of the objectives, and revision. From there, I begin aligning those objectives to learner needs.

Learning Objectives alignment page
Scripting module content
Scripting Content

After mapping out and aligning the learning objectives, I create targeted learner profiles, and then script the content to engage those learners’ particular needs. From there, I source OERs, and build original learning objects.

Scripting module content
quality review checklist
Quality Review Assessment

At key checkpoints in the design and development process, I assess progress, make notes, and revise iterations based on rigorous OSCQR best-practices.

quality review checklist
The slideshow here offers a glimpse of the crucial, behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of my instructional design process. Click on each slide to learn more about each stage.

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